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Zenook Company located in Birjand, South Khorasan, produces many types of micronized mineral powders and bentonite in sodium and calcium in 325 mesh, which is capable of supporting all needs in casting bentonite, pelletizing, Drilling mud, fertilizer, animals and birds, tile, ceramic, and many other usages.

This company is capable of producing 300 Tons of micronized products using newest technologies and equipment. Using advanced laboratory equipment resulted in products with international standards and high quality.

Zenook Company is able to release its products in 30, 50 Kg, 1-Ton bags, and in mass or transfer using bunker.


What is Bentonite?

Bentonite is an industrial type of soil, which is result of a complicated mix of several clay minerals. Various usages of this soil, has made this soil known as a hard industrial soil. Most important usages of this soil are Drilling mud, pelletizing, casting, foods of animals and birds, oil purification, tile and ceramic, environment and industrial waste, adsorbent and recycling, detergents, civil engineering, etc.





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