About ZENOOK co.

Zenook Company established at 2013 with target of producing micronized bentonite powder at Birjand.

Bentonite resources at South Khorasan are one of the best in the world. Therefore, this company spent its early years in investigating best resources in area using mineral experts’ knowledge. Afterward, by doing many technical and financial investigations, it decided to design and purchase micronized powder production equipment with latest technics. It finally accomplished this task and reached 300 Ton/Hour micronized powder production.

Produced micronized bentonite powder in this company, has many usages like Drilling mud, pelletizing, casting, foods of animals and birds, oil purification, tile and ceramic, environment and industrial waste, adsorbent and recycling, detergents, civil engineering, etc.

Using advanced laboratory equipment resulted in products with international standards and high quality.

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